Stuck in Bed on Christmas Eve

I’m a complainer. That’s how I got stuck in a think. That’s just what I do. I’m never pleased. And, I used to think that was a good thing. That if, I were never pleased, I would never quit and if I never quit, I can only get better, right? Wrong. I am so wrong.… Continue reading Stuck in Bed on Christmas Eve


our fire is hungry and so are we

In Sylvia McAdam's "Nationhood Interrupted" (Which is amazing I highly recommend it) She discussed the roles of women pre contact. The roles our Nêhiyaw iskwew had were powerful, meaningful roles that upheld our communities. Our iskwew were never complacent, never the object of a mans will - and never subject to demeaning treatment or people who would not allow them to be exactly what they were - iskwew - promising the existence of the future generations.